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Press Reviews

Accolades for Margaret Batjer

"Batjer played the work with an engrossing combination of emotional intensity and technical fluency on a resoundingly bright Stradivarius. Performing with the orchestra she knows so well, there was a consistent sense of comfort and support from the players and Kahane, the type of support that can only be nurtured over years of collaboration."

San Francisco Classical Voice

"Batjer played [Brahms' Violin Sonata in D-minor] with the spirit and mastery that she brings to her role as concertmaster."

The International Review of Music

"... it was Batjer who led with an enthusiastic robustness that revealed Brahms' true progressive colors. She was the explorer cutting a path forward, championing all that was new, the adventure with form, structure, harmony and rhythm that would ultimately help pave the way toward the 20th century."

Los Angeles Times

“Batjer played with terrific intensity and tonal variety. Her abundant technique consistently served the deep musical expression.”
Washington Post

“A marvel of genuine grace; her intonation is nearly flawless.”
Seattle Times

Accolades for Andrew Shulman

"The Don Quixote was the finest I have heard"

The Sunday Times

"An extraordinary account of Elgar’s melancholy late-Romantic Cello Concerto…powerfully direct and unsentimental. Shulman, whose solo part demands nearly 32 minutes of nonstop playing, gave a richly detailed reading. He made judicious use of vibrato, his burnished tone creating a confiding expressiveness. He managed Elgar's etude-like repeated-note passages and short solo sections with virtuosity. The nobility and restraint he brought to the score’s many slow sections (there are three adagios) were gracefully supported"

Los Angeles Times

"Cellist Andrew Shulman was conspicuous with his deep, rich tone, supported by his incredible technique and depth of affect. The entire room resonated with his instrument. His pizzicato was undamped, beautifully full, and his lyrical melodic touch was such a pleasure to hear. The plaintive Allegro moderato had a breath-like prosody"

Culture Spot LA

"And making his Utah Symphony debut is Andrew Shulman, who gave a fabulously nuanced and impassioned performance of the (Barber) concerto...Shulman's interpretation was of the highest caliber in terms of articulation and delivery. His technical mastery was such that he made short work of the demands Barber placed on the soloist"

Salt Lake Tribune

"Debussy's 'Cello Sonata, played with fastidious poetry of phrase and technique"

The Times, London

Accolades for Fabio Bidini

“Pianist Fabio Bidini is known for his immaculate taste, electrifying performances, and dazzling dexterity. Mr. Bidini brings Italian bravissimo to all of his performances.”

Friends of Chamber Music

“Pianist Fabio Bidini is regarded as a master teacher, chamber musician, and among the best concert pianists of his generation.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“A former Van Cliburn prize winner, Bidini combines great technique with a lush lyrical tone.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

‘A distinguished Italian pianist at home as a soloist or collaborator, Bidini impressed with his capacity of projecting sound…his ear for counterpoint revealed many interesting secondary ideas rarely heard in this concerto.”

Palm Beach Daily News

“Handsome pianist reincarnation of Mozart. His work moves beyond brilliance—a fabulous ease of virtuosity, to sublime—a musical sensitivity of extraordinary eloquence.”
Reno Gazette-Journal

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